Precision alternative to handbells or chimes

Belleplates – what are they?

Belleplates are a significant alternative to conventional handbells and are played in exactly the same way.

They are lightweight and easy to use, more durable than handbells or chimes and have a bell like sound with high tuning accuracy.

They are easy to store and transport in custom-made cases – lightweight and compact.

Which set is right for me?

The Belleplates Range

We have a range of sets available to suit, from an individual enthusiast, bell ringing team to a professional musician.

As a perfect introduction a Belleplates Set comprising 12 notes is ideal. Further sets of notes can be added at any time.

Our most popular set is the 2 octave chromatic 25 note set as shown here.

“Clear sound for a wonderful chord structure.”

Belleplates for Education

From primary schools to university and beyond, Belleplates are an easy, rewarding and educational entry into group music making.

Orchestras and Ensembles

Belleplates can be used as part of a tuned percussion section or as an additional accompaniment to a variety of musical instruments.

Activity Groups

Belleplates will provide an enjoyable way to give physical and intellectual stimulation.

Handbell Teams

Belleplates can be integrated into traditional handbell teams creating an alternative timbre and more flexibility in performance.